Our Process


  1. We LISTEN TO YOU to understand your training needs and desired outcomes.
  2. We develop Learning Objectives (using Bloom Taxonomy) with you.
  3. We share where existing curriculum can be leveraged or where new content is needed.
  4. If we need to develop new content, we leverage research into seminal work as well as current conversations in this area. We subscribe to several recognized and respected journals and periodicals for this work.
  5. We use this to either replace or expand sections in existing curriculum, or we create new workshops using our Alpha UMi framework. Our framework starts with a summary of learning objectives then addresses the “Why” behind why these topics are important to engage learners. From there, we create discussions and exercises that facilitators use to draw learners into engagement opportunities. We develop supplemental take-away content for the learners to accompany the workshops.
  6. We train your trainers, or we can give the training.